How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Health guide on earth. They guide us during our illness, cure us and always place us before their needs.

Even though it is their job to heal us and give us medicines, doctors ALWAYS encourage us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So on this day, we list some simple hacks to maintain a healthy lifestyle straight from a doctor’s mouth:

Keep Yourself Hydrated

  • Water makes up for 2/3rd of the body & performs important functions like – acting as a solvent, carrier of nutrients, temperature regulator and body detoxifier.
  • Consuming enough water increases vitality and energy levels, including mental alertness.
  • Aim to drink around 4-5 litres a day to keep your body hydrated all the time.

Eat Mindfully Without Any Distraction

  • In our fast-paced world, there is a tendency to do stress-eating.
  • Avoid eating when distracted, eat slowly, take your time and do not over-eat.
  • Chewing your food thoroughly, helps in digestion and you also get to enjoy every bite you take.

Walk Regularly

  • Aerobics and including something as uncomplicated and low-impact as walking is associated with a variety of benefits for the body and the brain. It also includes, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, anti-anxiety and mood-enhancing effects.
  • Aim for a total of about 30 minutes of brisk walking every day.

Get Enough Sleep

  • Sleep has the ability to optimise mental and physical energy. Getting enough sleep (about eight hours a night) is known to reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve longevity.
  • One simple strategy that can help ensure you get a good amount of sleep is to go to bed early.
  • Getting into bed by 10 pm or 10:30 pm ensures you get enough sleep which also benefits you in the long run.
  • Shutting down the computer or turning off the TV early in the evening is often all it takes to create the time and space to sleep early.

Stay away from drug, alcohol and tobacco

  • Avoid any kind of addiction like drug, alcohol or tobacco for a healthy and disease-free life.